About Us

Our Mission

SonicBank's mission is to build a high yield, secure and transparent platform for Ethereum staking. We aim to make Ethereum staking accessible to everyone.

"We are the Supersonic bank for Ultrasound money"

Our Story

Our team was amongst the firsts to lock in funds for Ethereum staking when it became available. Now that The Merge is approaching, we believe it is the perfect time to build a platform that can make this opportunity accessible to all. 

We formally started SonicBank in January 2022 by locking our on Eth and validating the platform. As of March 2022, we are running three validator nodes. 

Our intention is to become a leading blockchain business. Our story is only starting. Come onboard and help us write it.

The Journey for Everyone

While there are many Ethereum investors/holders. An unparalleled opportunity is approaching us where anyone can take the role of miners. Come onboard and make the transition with us 

"From Investors to Network Owners"