Frequently Asked Questions

What are Ethereum staking rewards?

With Eth 2.0. Widely known as Merge. Ethereum will move to Proof of Stake from Proof of Work. Staking Ethereum (minimum 32) will be the only way to get new Ether. Currently miners are rewarded for new blocks. Similarly staking nodes will be rewarded for new blocks. 

How much Ethereum rewards can I earn?

Amount of rewards varies as compared to how many more validators are exists, network traffic etc. Leading Eth 2.0 staking solutions provide yields from 2% to 5%. We provide highest yields in the industry by taking lesser fee and returning network rewards together with block rewards.

How can SonicBank guarantee highest yields?

While leading platform takes 10% - 60% cut in staking rewards. We intend to disrupt this model. By taking less fee and returning both block and network rewards to our customers.

When can I get my Ether and/or rewards?

This is a very important question. Eth 2.0 is work in progress with no launch date announced. The launch date estimates varies from June to September of 2022. With the staked Ether on our platform, we will create Eth 2.0 validator nodes. Both the Ether and any rewards accrued can only be claimed post Eth 2.0 launch.

PS: Eth 2.0 launch does not immediately allows validator nodes' Ether to be withdrawn. That capability will be made available later.

Despite these variables we think this is the best time to capture Eth 2.0's network share.