All the good stuff

Highest Yields

As compared to leading platforms, your Ethereum grows up to 5x faster at SonicBank. Check our Profitability Calculator from Product > Profitability Calculator

Risk Management

Risk management is at the heart of SonicBank. 1% of all yields are captured into an insurance fund and is kept aside from the platform and its operations. We are actively looking into providing insurance integrations with third parties to our customers


We started SonicBank by putting our own funds and Ethereum on the line first. Security is baked into the platform by following best industry practices. All our nodes are behind firewalls and have restricted access with all events logged for traceability.


Unlike other platforms that act like a black box. We provide end to end traceability of your Ether. From deploying your Ethereum on our secure platform to the address it is accruing rewards in. All trackable and made transparent on our secure platform.